A country town gasworks

The Camden gasworks was an essential service to the country for most of the 20th century. Today the toxic chemical remains on the site have proved to be a major health hazard.

The Camden News reported in early 1912:

Mr Murray the gasworks manager reported that construction at the gasworks had been completed, the retort had been lit and he anticipated full supply by the end of the month. (Camden News, 4 January 1912)


Camden Gasworks 1900s CIPP
The Camden Gasworks provided a much needed essential service in the early 20th century in the country town of Camden. This image shows the Camden gasworks around 1910s with the manager, Mr Murray. The gasworks were located in Elizabeth Street in the Camden town centre. Today the toxic chemicals on the former gasworks site have proved a hazard to health. These chemicals forced the relocation of Camden High School which was adjacent to the site from the 1950s. (Camden Images)


During 1912 the Camden News reported

Throughout 1912 there an ongoing dispute between Mr Alexander, the managing director of the Camden Gas Company, and Camden Municipal Council over damage to Argyle Street while laying gas pipes and who was going to pay for it. (Camden News, 12 September 1912)